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Viscoelastic nanoindentation in biological systems

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The review paper, "Viscoelastic effects in small-scale indentation of biological materials" has been published in International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering 2007 - Vol. 1, No.2/3 pp. 180 - 197 .  This work presents both a review of analytical (linear) viscoelasticity in the context of contact-probe mechanical characterization and summarizes the available literature on application of these techniques to measurements of biological material creep and relaxation responses.  

Abstract:Modern developments in instrumentation and analysis have vastly increased the popularity of instrumented indentation and nanoindentation techniques for mechanical characterisation of materials. However, these techniques have been developed primarily for materials exhibiting time-independent mechanical behaviour and therefore have had limited applicability in the mechanical analysis of time-dependent biological tissues. Following a brief introduction on elastic and elastic-plastic indentation, the current paper reviews the existing analytical machinery available for indentation analysis of viscoelastic materials (as developed in the context of polymeric materials). Recent works are reviewed in which the application of viscoelastic indentation techniques is extended to small-scale testing of biological tissues.  


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That is great! I think this review article is of interest to a lot of people. Can you please e-mail me the reprint. Thanks.

Very interesting topic!!! Unfortunately the institution that I work has not subscription to this journal. Is it possible to e-mail me ( a reprint of this paper? Thanks in advance.

Can you send me the details of correction in JKR theory for elastic thin films(200 to 300 microns)?

Could I also ask for an emailed reprint of this paper ?



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Dr. Oyen,

Please add me to the list: I don't have access to this journal either.  Thank you! 

Flavio Alejandro

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