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Part 3: The Plimpton scheme for parallel ghost particle exchange


What tool did you use to produce the animation? Matplotlib? something else?




It's all javascript (HTML5 canvas + bits of D3.js).

-- Biswajit

Oh, OK. Should have guessed. The "save image as" was giving .png, not .gif. ... Neat though!


You can create your own GIF by running (and similar code for the other animations) and automating the process using the approach suggested in

Can one create interactive GIFs?

-- Biswajit

AFAIK, no.

GIFs can only embed a sequence of static images, guess also with a spec of how big the time steps can be (perhaps), but it has no provision for embedding logic such as branching. In other words, it can embed only data, no methods. Plus, it certainly has no mechanism for trapping the user input (say mouse clicks). All in all, no interactivity, only a straightforward (sequential) animation possibly with looping, that's all.


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