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GRA (PhD student) positions on two NSF projects at Georgia Tech

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Greetings - I am seeking two self-motivated PhD students for two separate NSF projects:

Project 1 is on nonlinear nonconservative dynamics of fiber-based flexible piezoelectric composites for complex 3D deformations (involves theory and experiments)

keywords: vibration, piezoelectricity, nonlinear, dissipation, plates, actuation

(a co-PI and another student will be on the fluid dynamics side of the multiphysics problem, involves strong collaboration)

Project 2 is on contactless acoustic power transfer using piezoelectric transduction for wireless sensors (involves theory and experiments)

keywords: wave propagation, vibration, piezoelectricity, ultrasonics, acoustics, metamaterials


Contact: (please include CV and please don't send multiple emails)

Information on our lab:

Information on our recent work:


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