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USER DEFINED MATERIAL MODEL IN LSDYNA .exe file creation in linux

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Deal All, 

I am trying to implement a UMAT( UMAT41) in lS dyna for soft tissues modelling. I have sucessfully created the smp .exe file on wndows but required to create the MPP .exe file to run on our high performance computing facility (HPC) at IIT Delhi which is a redhat(linux based) system. 

In windows the .exe file can be created using thr nmake file in inter fortran compiler. but i have idea of how to compile and create the file fr linum MPP. I have downloaded the redhat files which lstc provides to compile and create .exe file. I dont have much experience in linux operating system. I would be highly obliged if anyone here could help me out in compiling and creating the .exe file to be used for linux MPP. Any suggestions are most welcome. 

Thanks in advance. 


Piyush Gaur

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