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2017 Melosh Medal Winners and Finalists

The 2017 (tied) winners of the Robert J. Melosh Medal are Matthias Mayr
 (Sandia National Laboratories, previously at TUM, Munich Germany) and Heng Chi (GATech).

Matthias Mayr presented the paper "A Finite-Element-Based Monolithic Solver for Fluid-Structure Interaction with a Novel Hybrid Schwarz Preconditioner," and Heng Chi presented the paper "Nonlinear elements without explicit shape functions: A mimetic-inspired method." Congratulations to both!

Congratulations also to the other four finalists that are listed below, with the respective papers presented:

Harabshahi Arabshahi
, "A well-balanced entropy-stable space-time hybridized discontinuous Galerkin method for shallow water equations;"

Dimitri Krattiger, "Ultrafast electronic-structure computation by Bloch mode-synthesized finite elements;"

Zeliang Liu, "Multiscale microstructural database for homogenizing nonlinear elasto-plastic material with damage based on self-consistent clustering analysis;"

Xiang Zhang, "Sparse and Scalable Eigenstrain-based Reduced Order Homogenization Models for Polycrystal Plasticity" 

A few pictures of the award ceremony are attached.

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