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Google Maps/Earth Computer Graphics Algorithms for Model Reduction in Mechanics of Materials

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We present an innovative image-based modeling technique, based on Google Earth like algorithms, to effectively resolve intricate material morphology and address the computational complexity associated with heterogeneous materials. This sharp volumetric billboard algorithm stems from a volumetric billboard method, a multi-resolution modeling strategy in computer graphics. In this work, we enhance volumetric billboards through a sharpening filter to reconstruct the statistical information of heterogeneous systems. A hierarchy of microstructures is created for high energy ball milled Ni/Al composites. We analyze the first- and second-order statistics of microstructures, and characterize both macro- and micro-mechanical material responses. Furthermore, we conduct a convergence study of the associated computational results. The statistical and mechanical robustness of data compression is demonstrated through the corresponding error analysis.

D. Yushu, S. Lee and K. Matouš, Sharp volumetric billboard based characterization and modeling of complex 3D Ni/Al high energy ball milled composites, Mechanics of Materials 108 (2017) 93–106.

Sharp Volumetric Billboard Algorithm



Dear Karel,

This work seems interesting to me, on at least two different counts: (i) you have a CG-inspired volume-based method for bridging scales, and (ii) you determine statistical information, guess at each of the different scales. ... I am a bit familiar with the first part (voxels at different resolutions in CG), and as to the second part, I guess, may be (just may be), stereological approaches could prove useful in it.

So, I would like to have a look at the paper. However, it is behind the pay-wall. Could you please share a pre-print? Thanks in advance. My email ID is (no spaces etc.): a j 1 7 5 t p (AT) y a h o o (DOT) c o (DOT) i n




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