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How can we run a material model " FORTRAN Code" outside of ABAQUS?

I'm trying to run a material model (FORTRAN code) outside of ABAQUS, but it's a challenge, do you have any example or document may help?

You're looking for a material point simulator. There are a handful, but are at varying levels of ease-of-use. I would suggest you use MatModLab2, which is implemented in Python. There are some examples in the codebase that show how to get your UMAT hooked up. A VUMAT would be very similar.

If you dig through the documentation you can find a page about user-defined materials.

Download the package and first try to understand the basic built-in python models and then try to get the fortran examples to work.

Thanks a lot for your answer. It's something new for me, I'll check it. 

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Please spare my limited knowledge!

I have a Matlab code for a material point in 1D and 3D. It is von mises isotropic hardening model. I have to calculate the stress and plastic strain for a given strain.  

My doubt is how do I compare the 3D model results with the 1D model? Should I set the poison's ratio to "zero", give strain increment in xx direction only and compare the stress in xx direction to 1D results? 

If I do that, the stress - strain curve matches only till there is no hardening, after that the stress values don't match. How should I verify if my 3D model is consistent with 1D model ? please help!

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Plastic deformation preserves volume, i.e.,  Poisson's ratio is 0.5 in the range of plastic strains.

This is presumably implemented in the 3D-code.

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