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Dear All, 

We are working on Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP) project and we are trying to implement CPFEM with Abaqus UMAT, there are few examples online but we could not able to run them on abaqus 6.13 with any subroutine. Does anyone have any working subroutines on related subject?

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Yunus Emre Kulhan

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Hi everyone.

I have 3D model and I want to get th L-D curve. If the model has many nodes and element, what should I do the get the load that I need to get the accurate Load-Displacement curve?



You mau choose any node to get the load-displcacement curve. node would not matter they all follow the same constitutive law only the level of loads will be different. Try it with two node then you will see.

I hope it answers your question.

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