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Heat Transfer and static analysis of steel beam shell element (odb. output)

Hi all...

I have difficulties in extracting odb file of steel beam of shell element heat transfer analysis along with fire protection element. I have edited the keyword editor to to produce NT of nodal temperature to be integrate in the static analysis. But, in the static analysis results, the steel beam exhibit same value of deflection even though I use various thickness of coating protection onto the steel beam. Is it possible to produce TEMP value instead of NT (nodal temperature) inside the odb. file. It seems that the TEMP file are more realistic value of member temperature through section points. However, I could not find any way extract odb. file with temperature of TEMP file. How can I write in the keyword editor to extract TEMP file to odb. output file? So that the odb. file with TEMP output can be read in the static analysis instead of NT file (nodal temperature).

Can anyone have an idea that could help to solve this problem? Suppose to be the steel beam beam exhibit a decreasing value of member temperature when expose to heat with the application of protection material. From there onwards, suppose to the steel beam deflection will also exhibit an less deflection due to decreasing temperature which has been determined in the heat transfer analysis earlier. I would really appreciate for the help given.

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