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Special issue on "Low-Dimensional Phase Transforming Materials"

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A special issue of Journal of Nanomaterials is devoted to "Low-Dimensional Phase Transforming Materials" which obtained significant interests in the recent years. This topic covers a broad range of research such as 

  • Tuning the properties of 2D TMDs by engineering their phases, 
  • Forming nanotubes and twin nanotubes from nanosheets,
  • Forming enclosed structures via roll-up process,
  • Formation of nanodumbbells in J-aggregate for efficient harnessing of solar power,
  • Size dependent phase transformations in low dimensional materials,
  • Surface induced transformations in nanowires and nanoparticles,
  • Premelting and interface melting in nanowires and nanoparticles,
  • Transformation induces by passivation and surface treatments.

Details of call for papers may be found in the attached pdf. 

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