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Potential for Strain energy

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Hi all,

When a conservative force does work, it is independent of the path, we define the potential and work done is given by  - (change in potential).

We define potentials for gravitational force, electrical force etc...

Assuming the body is linear elastic, internal forces, cause stresses in a body, are also conservative forces, whose work (strain energy) is independent of the path. Can we define potential for such internal forces? If so, we can calculate strain energy = -(change in potential).

You may kindly explain this.

Thanks in advance,

With regards,

- Ramdas


Would this be the strain energy density function which forms the basis of hyperelasticity?

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R. Chennamsetti, Scientist, R&D Engineers, India

I am speaking from linear elastic materail point of view. The strain energy of this material per unit volume gives the strain energy density.


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