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Professor Christian Miehe passed away

Unfortunately Professor Miehe of Stuttgart  University passed away on last Sunday, Aug 14. 2016.


Those willing to pay their last respects to Professor Christian Miehe
may take the opportunity to participate in the obsequies, taking place
in the Laurentiuskirche, Reinbeckstraße 8, 70565 Stuttgart (Rohr), 2:00
pm on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016.


Very very sad to hear that and very shocking as well. I was his student at the COMMAS course and we all unanimously agreed that he is probably one of the best teachers with such profound knowledge of the subject. Always remember his passion for teaching and research. 

M. Jahanshahi's picture

I personally did not meet professor Miehe, but I have read many of his inspiring works and have used them in my own works. As far as my field of research is relevant, his contribution to computational plasticity is remarkable. An uncountable number of publications is a good indication of his knowledge in other fields of computational mechanics. I believe the computational mechanics society has lost a great scientist in this field.


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