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CALL FOR ABSTRACT: SES 2016 Symposium C-2: Mechanics of Biological and Bioinspired Materials

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Dear Colleagues,

We hope this message finds you well. We are organizing a symposium entitled "Mechanics of Biological and Bioinspired Materials" at The Society of Engineering Science (SES) 53rd Annual Technical Meeting at University of Maryland, College Park, from October 2–5, 2016. The deadline abstract submission is June 15, 2016.

This symposium will focus on multiscale mechanics in biomolecular materials as found in natural and living systems as well as bioinspired engineered materials. The subject materials can be materials with biological origin (bacterial and plant based materials, extracellular matrix, nucleic acids, cell and subcellular components), as well as synthetic macromolecules that aim to mimic biological structure and functionality. 

Topics range from experimental approaches, theoretical and computational modeling, as well as new tools for characterization and design of biomolecular materials. The symposium aims to bring together researchers investigating various aspects of multiscale mechanics of materials for application in science and engineering.  Relevant topics include and are not limited to:

- Multiscale experiments, simulation and theory with a particular focus on predictive and materials-by-design approaches for the mechanics of biomolecular materials.

- Synthesis, characterization and modeling of hybrid materials that incorporate biological building blocks into engineered materials with mechanical functions.

- Fundamental investigations relevant to self-assembly, folding, micro- and nano-structure prediction in biological applications.

- Nanoscale physics of interfaces in biology and engineered systems.

- Development of experimental tools and computational methods for modeling, imaging, and mechanical characterization of biomolecular materials.


- Bioinspiration approaches with mechanics-based design principles.


We look forward to your submission!


Sinan Keten, Northwestern University

Wenjie Xia, Northwestern University

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