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How to analysis Fatigue of shaft using Ansys or Ncode designlife?

I use ANSYS APDL with code for my shaft with two coating layers(interlayer and coating layer). I already analysis stress of shaft with Ansys. the result is ok and i exported to .RST file. But , when i input my shaft to Ncode, I can't find the interlayer and coating layers.I think this shaft have 3 part(subtrate, interlayer, coating layer)
!substrate materials

Young's modulus (Mpa): 2.1e5
Poisson's ratios:0.3

! interlayer material

Young's modulus (Mpa): 3,2e5
Poisson's ratios:0.31

!coating material 

Young's modulus (Mpa): 2.79e5
!Poisson's ratios:0.21

Please, help me to analysis fatigue of this Shaft with Ansys APDL or Ncode

Image icon My model4.75 KB
Plain text icon Ansys APDL code3.17 KB
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