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Overhead Electrical Conductor in bending: Papailiou's model revisited

 In a paper to appear and available online,( An analytical approach to model the hysteretic bending behavior of spiral strands, Applied Mathematical Modeling 2016, )

Foti and Martinelli present a seemingly more rigorous of the helical strand bending problem. Numerical applications are mostly restricted to the single layer case. Results obtained in a multilayer example are rather close to Papailiou’s. An intriguing result is a small variation in the axial load arising from the imposed uniform curvature bending. Claims relating to fretting fatigue prediction are overly optimistic, as shown by  Levesque et al. experimental data. 


Paper by Foti and Martinelli, published in Applied Mathematical Modelling, Vol. 40, Nos 13-14, July 2016, pp. 6451-6467

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