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UMAT Non linear Viscoelasticity - Algorithm verification?

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Hello everybody,

           My task is to write a UMAT for Non-linear Viscoelasicity based on Schapery's model in ABAQUS. I have coded the routine, but I am still not able to predict correct response. I tried to debug it as much as I can. I understand that it would be difficult for anybody to understand my code. So, I have attached a flowchart (pdf) of the whole algorithm that I follow. It would be nice if you could check that and correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration



PS. I have also attached a copy of the paper that I am referring for the model. 

PDF icon Copy_17_Haj-Ali.pdf408.4 KB
PDF icon algorithm.pdf200.5 KB
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Hi Shree, Did you manage to solve the problem? I am also trying to develop such model. I am in the literature review stage. I read your algorithm and it seems OK. Do you have any tips for me? I am sure by now, you have learned more.

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