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2016 ASME IMECE Call for Papers: Track 12-15 Failure and Fracture of Additively Manufactured Materials

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Additive manufacturing or commonly known as 3D printing is a manufacturing technique that builds 3D objects by adding materials layer-by-layer. Stereolithography (SLA), Fused deposition modelling (FDM), Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM), Powder based Method such as 3DP, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Selective Laser Melting (SLM) are commonly used techniques to build 3D structures out of metal, polymer, ceramics, biomaterials and many other form of materials.  As we are advancing towards building 3D printed structures for large-scale biomedical, aerospace, automobile, electronics and many other industrial applications, we still have limited understanding about the process-structure-property relations of 3D printed materials and structures. This mini-symposium is intended to solicit papers that will showcase recent research advances in the areas including but not limited to failure and fracture analysis and experimental/computational methods of 3D printed structure, mechanics of 3D printed materials and structures etc.  Studies that include effects of processing parameters, geometry/process-induced defects and other process-induced issues that lead to unexpected failure are also welcome.


Submission of Abstract

March 7, 2016


Conference Dates
November 11-17, 2016

Organizer Information:

Dr. Ashfaq Adnan                 


Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of Texas, Arlington
Arlington, TX 76019-0018 


Tel: (817) 272-2006               

Fax: (817) 272-2010 


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