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Congratulations to launch of SEAS

Markus J. Buehler's picture

I just read Teng Li's entry regarding the launch of SEAS at Harvard.  Thanks for posting this interesting information!  

On this occasion, I'd also like express my congratulations to Harvard
University in launching the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
(SEAS) last week!  It is terrific that the engineering science community in the Boston area is thriving and developing.  Best of luck, and looking forward to fruitful interactions in the future!  

Markus Buehler of MIT


Zhigang Suo's picture

Thank you, Markus, for your kind note.  This is indeed an exciting time for engineering at Harvard.   It was said that the last time Harvard created a new school was 70 some years ago.  Harvard and Engineering have had a long and uneasy relation.  The launch of SEAS makes a clear statement:  the technology is such a significant aspect of our time that Harvard must become a serious contributor.

Among the memorable moments of the ceremony was when Charles Vest, former president of MIT and President of the National Academy of Engineering, said the following.  John F. Kennedy once said that Wahsionton DC is a town that combines the charm of the North and the efficiency of the South.  It is believed by some that MIT is based on merit, and Harvard on grace.  Will the Engineering School of Harvard combine the grace of MIT and merit of Harvard?

But maybe we will not have much time for grace in coming years.  By some projection, it is likely that SEAS will grow from about 70 faculty members to 100 in the next decade.  Considering retirements, the School will probably recruit 5-6 new faculty members per year.  Space is a constraint.  It is likely that some activities of the School will have to move across the Charles River.

For the time being, on this most auspicious Autumn day in Boston, let us celebrate both MIT's merit and Harvard's grace.  The harsh winter seems so far away. 

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