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Mesoscale Constitutive Modeling of Non-Crystallizing Filled Elastomer

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We have just published a new paper, 1st in the series, that presents a computational model to understand the microstructural changes in the filled elastomers as a consequence of mechanical forces. A heterogeneous (or multiphase) constitutive model at the mesoscale explicitly considering filler particle aggregates, elastomeric matrix and their mechanical interaction through an approximate interface layer is presented. An innovative lego-set method is discussed for generation of random microstructures that can be used for simple stochastic analysis. The developed constitutive model is used to demonstrate cluster breakage, also, as one of the possible sources for Mullins effect observed in non-crystallizing filled elastomers.

The paper, which is called Mesoscale Constitutive Modeling of Non-Crystallizing Filled Elastomer, co-authored by Ajay Harish, Peter Wriggers, Juliane Jungk, Nils Hojdis & Carla Recker, is published in Computational Mechanics and available online as of today.

You can use the following link:

I hope you enjoy reading the paper.

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