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PhD positions in my ERC project

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I was recently awarded an ERC grant for which I will be hiring up to five new PhD students with different types of expertise. Actual hiring will take some time, as new researchers are needed at different stages of the project (not all PhD students will start at the beginning of the project). Interested candidates with the following backgrounds and skill sets are encouraged to contact me directly at

  • Computational origami, computational geometry.
  • Self-assembly materials and structures, shape-memory materials, hydrogels, flexible (stretchable) electronics, electro-active polymers.
  • 3D printing, design for additive manufacturing, multi-material 3D printing
  • (Mechanical) meta-materials, rational design of meta-materials.
  • Nanofabrication techniques including nano-lithography (e-beam, reactive ion etching, etc), nano-imprinting, electron beam induced deposition, dip pen nanolithography, and other nano-patterning techniques.
  • Inverse engineering problems, multi-objective computational design, nonlinear optimization algorithms, computational tissue engineering, and instability analysis.
  • In vitro cell culture assays, animal models (infection and bone regeneration).


Dear Professor Azadpoor,

Could I know the location of this job? or the name of the university?



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