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Strain calculation in ABAQUS


I have some troubles in calculating the strain in ABAQUS. I have the following Model with one element (see picture) and a linear elastic isotropic Material (Steel), which is sheared in the x-direction. The analytical result of the strain tensor gives me in xz-direction 0.25 (see picture). The result in ABAQUS is 0.5. I ran the same simulation in CalculiX CrunchiX and got the expected strain of 0.25 in the xz-direction

Can anyone tell me how ABAQUS calculates the strain for a linear static analysis? Why is the ABAQUS result exactly 50% higher?

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hi everyone!!

i m a new user in both abaqus and fortran. can anyone tell me if i can use USDFLD subroutine to vary frictional angle with respect to plastic strain according to Vermeer 1984

what element types did you use?

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