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Body couples

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Hi all,

We come across body loads such as gravitational, cenrifugal, magentic etc. Similary do we have body couples? If so, I request you to throw some light.

- Thanks & regards,

- Ramdas


Hello Ramdas,

There have been theoretical attempts covering what you seek.

For starters, see a chapter appearing near the end of the book "Elasticity" by M. H. Saad. (Pub: Elsevier. Low cost edition republished by their own Delhi office is readily available in India.) The chapter gives quite a few further references too. Some of them refer to Eringen's work.

So, I searched a little on the Web, and found this: A. C. Eringen, "Linear Theory of Micropolar Elasticity," J. Math. Mech., Vol. 15, No. 6 (1966), available here: 

Hope this helps.

ramdas chennamsetti's picture

R. Chennamsetti, Scientist, R&D Engineers, India

Dear Ajith Sir,

Thank you. I will go through those references.

Thanks and regards,

- Ramdas

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