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ABAQUS 6.14 FSI Engine Mapping Search Failure

I am doing a Co-Simulation in ABAQUS 6.14, where a fluid (water) flows through a Solid Steel. In my first trials, I used a Solid with one consistent hole, and a fluid. Everything worked perfect.
In my second trial the solid is wider and with two holes, so the fluid flows in one hole in and comes out at the other hole.

Step : Dynamic, implicit

I can´t start the Calculation, the Calculation gets aborted everytime and for the fluid the Error Message appears: Analysis cannot continue due to Co-Simulation Engine mapping search failures. Normally it could be the error message that two co-boundary of the fluid and solid do not match, but I checked everything.

I really do not have a clue why it does not work when I model i with an In-and Outlet on the same side. As an Attachment I put the image of the two bodies for a better understanding and the Input-file.

Thanks !

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Plain text icon Fluid-input.txt2.99 KB
Plain text icon solid-input.txt928 bytes
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