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CTE: coefficient of thermal expansion - Secant Method - Ansys



I have to perform a thermo-mechanical simulation in Ansys WB and I have to provide the cte of a material.

I have few experience with thermo-mechanical simulation.

I have got a document with the material properties of this material; there I have the Tg (glass transition temperature)

and two coefficients: cte1 (below Tg) and cte2 (above Tg).


-->  How should I calculate the CTE for a temperature range (e.g. -50 < Tg < 300) ?   <---


Usually I have measurements with DeltaL/L0 for different temperature T and I use the secant method:

cte = [(L-Lref)/Lref]/(T-Tref) and I take Tref = 25 C (room temperature).


If I only have 2 values (below and above Tg), how can I calculate the CTE?

And what is the correct Tref?


Can I say, cte = cte1 (for T < Tg) and cte = cte2 (for T >= Tg) 

or is it possible to get some temperature dependent curve using the secant method?


Do you also have some good support literature about this problem?


many thanks!


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