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OA Journal—Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Letters Volume 5, Issue 4 online now!


Dear everyone,

The third issue in 2015 (Volume 5, Issue 4) of Theoretical and Applied Mehcanic Letters (TAML) is now online.

Welcome to this OA journal or for rapid publication of your exciting results. 


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Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters (TAML) aims to publish original, significant research results in all aspects of theoretical and applied mechanics, as well as other displinary areas.

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Vol. 5 No. 4 2015


Solid Mechanics

Direct observation of bunching of elementary steps on protein crystals under forced flow conditions    

Authors: Gen Sazaki, Guoliang Dai

2D hierarchical lattices' imperfection sensitivity to missing bars defect    

Authors: Bo Wang, Yunfeng Shi, Rui Li, Youwei Chen, Yihua Mo

Local buckling analysis of biological nanocomposites based on a beam-spring model     

Authors: Zhiling Bai, Baohua Ji

Structural optimum design of bistable cylindrical shell for broadband energy harvesting application     

Authors: Yong Wang, Liming Peng, Zhilong Huang


Fluid Mechanics

Experimental investigation on electromechanical deformation of dielectric elastomers under different temperatures    

Authors: Lei Liu, Hualing Chen, Bo Li, Junjie Sheng, Junshi Zhang, Chi Zhang, Yanjie Wang, Dichen Li


Dynamics and Control

Will oscillating wave surge converters survive tsunamis? Hot!      

Authors: L. O'Brien, P. Christodoulides, E. Renzi, T. Stefanakis, F. Dias



Size dependency and potential field influence on deriving mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes using molecular dynamics      

Authors: K. G. S. Dilrukshi, M. A. N. Dewapriya, U. G. A. Puswewala


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