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OA Journal—Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Letters Volume 5, Issue 3 online now!

Dear everyone,

The third issue in 2015 (Volume 5, Issue 3) of Theoretical and Applied Mehcanic Letters (TAML) is now online.

Welcome to this OA journal or for rapid publication of your exciting results.


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Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters (TAML) aims to publish original, significant research results in all aspects of theoretical and applied mechanics, as well as other displinary areas.

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Vol. 5 No. 3 2015


Solid Mechanics

New applications of a generalized Hooke's law for second gradient materials

Authors: K. Enakoutsa

Fluid Mechanics

Editorial:Recent advances in hydrodynamic instability and transition to turbulence

Authors: Luca Brandt, Jianjun Tao

Enhancing heat transfer at the micro-scale using elastic turbulence

Authors: R. D. Whalley, W. M. Abed, D. J. C. Dennis, R. J. Poole

WKBJ analysis in the periodic wake of a cylinder

Authors: Flavio Giannetti

Direct and noisy transitions in a model shear flow

Authors: Marina Pausch, Bruno Eckhardt

On two distinct Reynolds number regimes of a turbulent square jet

Authors: Minyi Xu, Jianpeng Zhang, Pengfei Li, Jianchun Mi

Transition and self-sustained turbulence in dilute suspensions of finite-size particles

Authors: I. Lashgari, F. Picano, L. Brandt

Linear global stability of a confined plume

Authors: Lutz Lesshafft

Near continuum boundary layer flows at a flat plate

Authors: Chunpei Cai

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