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Regarding the ABAQUS Subroutine 'FRIC'

Dear all,

I have recently using the subroutine FRIC in ABAQUS, and I found that there is a variable 'PRESS' which is specified as 'contact pressure at end of increment' in the ABAQUS documentations. However, I have extracted this PRESS in a text file through applying the subroutine FRIC in a two-block compression model, and I found that the PRESS is different from the contact pressure (CPRESS) which can be obtained from the field output and it seems that there are two values in each simulation increment.

I am wondering if anybody has got the experience in using this variable PRESS, and could give me some suggestions on what this PRESS is and how it is defined. Also, I am not sure how many times does this subroutine be called in every increment?

Best regards,


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