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PhD position available at LGP - ENIT - Tarbes - France

A PhD position is available for a thesis with SKF Aerospace France in the Laboratoire Génie de Production - Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tarbes - France

Detailled subject (in French) can be found at :

Starting date October 2007

CV+letter can be send until September 8th 2007 to : 


Dr Olivier PANTALE

Assistant Professor
G2TR - LGP - ENI Tarbes

47, avenue Azereix - BP 1629
F-65016 Tarbes Cedex

Dear Dr Olivier PANTALE,

I am very grateful to you for providing the information regarding 
simulation of machining process.

and3D numerical models of metal cutting with damage effects

2. An
ALE three-dimensional model of orthogonal and oblique metal cutting processes.

3. A numerical simulation of
steady state metal cutting.

Out of the above three reference, I can't able to download “An ALE
three-dimensionalmodel of orthogonal and oblique metal cutting processes"

I kindly request you to send that particular reference.

My mail ID:

With Regard


Assistant Professor

PSG College of Technology


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