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Finite Element Model of the Knee

Hello Everyone,

I recently started to do a project on a FE knee model. Right now, the only available software for me is SolidWorks which was originally purchased for CAD modelling. I was wondering if anyone knows whether SolidWorks FE feature is "good enough" for analyzing a knee model (and for other tissues just in case), or you recommend me to push my supervisor to purchase a license of a "Real" FE software such as ABAQUS. If you have any experience of FE modelling of tissues,bone,etc. I would appreciate if you help me out.



It depends on the level of details you would like to incorporate in your model. Some CAD software like CATIA's Generative Analysis can only do linear analysis, but from what I know SolidWorks lets you do non-linear (hence large displacements) as well.

If it lets you add the hyperelastic (and similar) material models you will need for the knee, then you can go ahead and use it. Only after you have used SolidWorks to its fullest, and it doesn't solve your purpose anymore (may be a custom material model or special loads and/or constraints), you may want to go for ABAQUS and the likes.

Thank you for your reply. As far as I understood, SolidWorks provides hyperelastic models such as Moony-Revlin, Ogden, etc (if this is exactly what you meant). My problem at this moment is that I do not exactly know what I need for a knee model to figure out whether SolidWorks is good enough for such model. Maybe it is best atleast for now to go ahead with SolidWorks. 

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