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Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters, Volume 5, Issue 2, 2015 is online now!


Dear everyone,

The second issue in 2015 (Volume 5, Issue 2) of Theoretical and Applied Mehcanic Letters (TAML) is now online.

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Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters (TAML) aims to publish original, significant research results in all aspects of theoretical and applied mechanics, as well as other displinary areas.

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Vol. 5 No. 2 2015


Solid Mechanics 

Editorial: Special issue on offshore structure-soil interaction  

Authors: Fu-Ping Gao, Mark J. Cassidy

Failure mechanisms of a spudcan penetrating next to an existing footprint   

Authors: Vickie Kong, Mark J. Cassidy, Christophe Gaudin

Difficulties and measures of driving supper long piles in Bohai Gulf  

Authors: Shuwang Yan, Jia Li, Liqiang Sun, Guomin Sun

Assessment of pipeline stability in the Gulf of Mexico during hurricanes using dynamic analysis  

Authors: Yinghui Tian, Bassem Youssef, Mark J. Cassidy

Long-term dynamic behavior of monopile supported offshore wind turbines in sand   

Authors: Lu-qing Yu, Li-zhong Wang, Zhen Guo, S. Bhattacharya, G. Nikitas, Ling-ling Li, Yue-long Xing

Coupling model for waves propagating over a porous seabed   

Authors: C.C. Liao, Z. Lin, Y. Guo, D.-S. Jeng

Elasto-plasticity and pore-pressure coupled analysis on the pullout behaviors of a plate anchor 

Authors: Cun Hu, Fu-Ping Gao

Experimental study on the stability of plate anchors in clay under cyclic loading 

Authors: Long Yu, Qi Zhou, Jun Liu

Scour depth beneath a pipeline undergoing forced vibration  

Authors: D. Liang, Y. Luan, R. Rana

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