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Power of iMechanica during job hunting

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In July 2007, my friend of a consulting company contacted me for recruiting a computational mechanics engineer. I told him that all my graduate students found jobs, and there are not many mechanics students in our small department. So, I posted his ad at iMechanica. Only after one week, he asked me to withdraw this ad! Why?


Because many high-qualified applicants contacted him in one week and, he’d give the offer right away.  I believe this example is an index of active user groups of iMechanica.


I was wondering if this also meant, among other things, whether the supply (of suitable candidates) was not currently exceeding the demand.

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Dear Ajit,


It’s very hard for me to draw a conclusion. My feeling is that the current supply and the demand are quite balanced.  My previous Ph.D. and MS students, who mainly do experimental solid mechanics research plus some finite element simulations, found their industry jobs very quickly before their thesis defense. Of course, fluid mechanics area is different.

Dear Xu:

You say that it's not easy for students who study fluid mechanics to find jobs at least in your view and in US, don't you? If so, do you think what's the reason? 

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