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ANSYS cyclic variable amplitude displacement

Hi everyone... I've been working on a research study of Steel moment resisting frames. It includes finite element analysis of the frame in ANSYS apdl software. However, I'm facing a problem with the application of loads. The basic loading history for a single specimen testing program in the multiple step test in which loading history consists of stepwise increasing deformation cycles as shown in the attached file. In the basic loading history, the cycles shall be symmetric in peak deformations.

I need to apply the aforesaid type of loading on a particular nodes.

Please help me with the commands/GUI process for the application of such loading system.

I have found a Verification manual problem in ANSYS help which is quite similar to the loading I need to apply. VM155 is the one which matches with the loading I need to apply. 

P.S I'm a beginner in ANSYS and I am not able to understand the code in the verification manual VM155.


Thank you.

Image icon The loading protocol75.64 KB
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