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Ph.D. Course on eXtended Discretization MethodS - X-DMS Ferrara 2015

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It is our pleasure to announce that the X-DMS Conference will be preceded by a short course on EXTENDED DISCRETIZATION METHODS. The course will be held on Monday 7 and Tuesday 8, September 2015 just before the X-DMS2015 Conference.

 The Course flyer can be downloaded at: 


The lectures will focus on advanced topics of computational mechanics pertaining to discretization techniques such as the eXtended Finite Element Method and meshless methods. The topics to be covered include applications to two-phase and free-surface flows, simulation of fast fracture, multiscale methods for fracture, analysis of conditioning problems and stabilization techniques, modelling and numerical aspects of the transition process from damage to fracture, numerical integration issues arising in the presence of singularities and discontinuities.

·  Prof.  Alain Combescure, AREVA SAFRAN Chair INSA Lyon, France.
·  Prof. Thomas-Peter Fries, Institute of Structural Analysis, Graz, Austria.
·  Dr. Ing. Stefan Löhnert, Institute of Continuum Mechanics, Hannover, Germany.
·  Prof. Nicolas Moës, Institute Ecole Centrale, Nantes, France.
·  Prof. N. Sukumar, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, UC Davis, USA.
  Kind regards,
The Course organizers
Elena Benvenuti, University of Ferrara
Giulio Ventura, Politecnico di Torino

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