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Practical Application of the Stochastic Finite Element Method

If you're interested in stochastic finite element analysis, you might like to know that we've just published a paper that reviews the "practical" application of the method. The paper first outlines the main methods of incorporating uncertainty into engineering computations. It then presents "practical" examples across a range of disciplines of where these methods have been used.

We hope that this paper is a good starting point for those looking to adopt stochastics in their work.

Click here for the abstract


Hi Lee,

OK, so you are `the' Margetts (of the FEM implementation book).... Hmmm... Nice to meet you.

Would it be possible for you to share an e-/pre-print of the paper with me? My email is (no spaces etc.) a j 1 7 5 t p <AT> y a h o o [dOt] c o [.] i n

... That way, I am more into CFD these days (exploring FVM as well as the newer particles approaches, though not CFD using FEM). However, I do teach an introductory UG course on FEM, had a bit of an interest in stochastics (in the context of foundations of QM), and would like to keep myself updated. That's how.

[BTW, I haven't gone through the latest edition of the book; just know about its release, that's all. The last edition that I went through was when I was a PhD student, i.e. about 7 or 8 years ago (which means it must be the 4th edition). The British Library in Pune, India, had got a copy as soon as that edition had got released abroad. I did find it helpful, but implemented my simple(st) FEM program only in C++, not FORTRAN. Anyway, let me wind up; else I can go on till cows come home (or, rather, since this is evening in India, till cows depart for the meadows)....]






miyongzhen's picture

Hello, Mr. Margrtts,

Thank you for your information. Recently, I have been studying on the field of model updating and model validation. As you may know, model uncertainty is a vital issue in this field. After reading your introduction, I think SFEM is supposed to be a promising approach to tackle my problems and I want to have a try. Therefore, I wonder if you can email me a PDF version of your paper to help me get the hang of SFEM. (m i y o n g z h e n @ 1 2 6 . c o m, without spaces)

Thanks a lot.

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