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Case Studies in Engineering: watch the video

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What are case studies?

Case Studies in Engineering are a series of open access journals, which publish practical outcome of research and indusrty projects in a variety of Engineering disciplines, including: Construction Materials, Fire Safety, Structural Engineering, Engineering Failure Analysis, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Nondestructive Testing Evaluation and Thermal Engineering.

How are they different from traditional academic papers?

Contributions come from both indusrty and academia. Case studies in Engineering are short papers, typically less than six sides. They are not theoretical and don't contain elements such as literature reviews. Case studies aim to raise awareness of current research and its applicability in practice, as well as hearing from indusrty on success stories, the problem they face and the solutions to their problems.

Why should you submit a case study?

Case studies are a great way to start your publishing career and submissions may even count towards your continuing professional development. Often project overviews are already written for prospective clients and these can be turned in to case studies with little additional work. For those in academia, case studies are an opportunity to advance applied engineering research, they are trueknowledge transfer between academia and industry. 

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