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Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters, Volume 4, Issue 5, 2014 is online now!

Dear everyone,

The fifth issue in 2014 (Volume 4, Issue 5) of Theoretical and Applied Mehcanic Letters (TAML) is now online.

Welcome to this young journal for rapid publication of your exciting results. 


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Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters (TAML) aims to publish original, significant research results in all aspects of theoretical and applied mechanics, as well as other displinary areas.

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Vol. 4 No. 5 2014


Research Highlights 

Magnetohydrodynamic process in solar activity Hot!

Authors: Jingxiu Wang, Jie Jiang


Control and Dyamics 

Enhance limit cycle oscillation in a wind flow energy harvester system with fractional order derivatives

Authors: Cedrick A. Kitio Kwuimy, Grzegorz Litak


Solid Mechanics

A simple model for diffusion-induced dislocations during the lithiation of crystalline materials 

Authors: Fuqian Yang

Effects of vacancy defect on the tensile behavior of graphene

Authors: Xiaoyu Sun, Zuoguang Fu, Mingtan Xia, Yuanjie Xu

Interplay between polarization rotation and crack propagation in PMN-PT relaxor single crystals

Authors: Fei Fang, Wenqi Jing, Wei Yang

Numerical investigation of the influence of shear band localization on the resonant behavior in the VHCF regime

Authors: Philipp-M. Hilgendorff, Andrei Grigorescu, Martina Zimmermann, Claus-P. Fritzen, Hans-J. Christ

On non-singular GRADELA crack fields

Authors: Elias C. Aifantis

Physical mechanism of the compressive response of F-actinnetworks��significance of crosslinker unbinding events

Authors: Tong Li, Dean Hu, Prasad K.D.V. Yarlagadda, Yuantong Gu

Plastic deformation modelling of tempered martensite steel block structure by a nonlocal crystal plasticity model

Authors: Martin Boeff, Anxin Ma, Alexander Hartmaier

Simulation of size effects by a phase field model for fracture

Authors: Charlotte Kuhn, Ralf Muller

Surface effects on the persistence length of nanowires and nanotubes

Authors: Hua Liu, Hualong Song, Xiqiao Feng, Dialing Yang

Effective thermal conductivity of wire-woven bulk Kagome sandwich panels

Authors: Xiaohu Yang, Jiaxi Bai, Ki-Ju Kang, Tianjian Lu, Tongbeum Kim


Biomechanics and Interdiscipline

Stress relaxation analysis of single chondrocytes usingporohyperelastic model based on AFM experiments

Authors: Trung Dung Nguyen, Adekunle Oloyede, Yuantong Gu

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