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The role of substrate pre-stretch in post-wrinkling bifurcations

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Anesia Auguste, Lihua Jin, Zhigang Suo, Ryan C. Hayward. The role of substrate pre-stretch on post-wrinkling bifurcations. Soft Matter 10, 6520-6529(2014).

When a stiff film on a soft substrate is compressed, the surface of the film forms wrinkles, with tunable wavelengths and amplitudes that enable a variety of applications. As the compressive strain increases, the film undergoes post-wrinkling bifurcations, leading to period doubling and eventually to formation of localized folds or ridges. Here we study the post-wrinkling bifurcations in films on pre-stretched substrates. Through a combination of experiments and simulations, we demonstrate that pre-stretched substrates not only show substantial shifts in the critical strain for the onset of post-wrinkling bifurcations, but also exhibit qualitatively different post-wrinkled states. In particular, we report on the stabilization of wrinkles in films on pre-tensioned substrates and the emergence of ‘chaotic’ morphologies in films on pre-compressed substrates.



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