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Looking for a postdoctoral position

Dear iMechanica members,

I am looking for a postdoctoral position to work in an experimental lab mainly focused on fuctional polymer material (like- hydrogels, composities etc.) synthesis.

Currently, I am working as as postdoc at UNC-CH to reveal the physical properties of living polymer material mucins/mucs.

I have completed successfully my PhD from the University of Hokkaido, Japan under the supervision of Professor JP Gong.

In my doctoral work, I have played a lot on the discovery of a stable and intricate supramolecular structure formation mechanism in a polymer gel film by the swelling induced creasing instability. From that moment I have a serious and strong motivation in my mind to carry out further research on polymer materials specially on finding a way out - how the innovative, smart polymer gel/composite materials can be synthesized followed by utilized in biological applications.

I hope to contact after receiving any positive response.

Best regards,



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