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Problem relating to Contact Pressure in ABAQUS Subroutine

I have already obtained the contact pressure (CPRESS) in the ABAQUS model.

NOW, I want to introduce a subroutine in ABAQUS which enables setting the contact pressure as input information, since contact pressue is the intial condition for another model which will incorporate with the existing model. I wonder if anyone can provide some suggestions on which subroutine can read the CPRESS (CSTRESS) as input information.

Many thanks!


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The only subroutine that reads in contact pressure is obvioulsy FRIC. So, try to define a FRIC routine; possibly a dummy routine only or you need to rewrite the prevailing friction law as a FRIC routine. Within FRIC, CPRESS equals p (I assume these quantities are equal or define some equation), and finally assign these values to the state variable array STATEV. You do not need to define a variable CPRESS within FRIC, it should suffice to put STATEV(1) = p, I assume. Statev is a global array and available in most routines.

Caution: statev space needs to be defined with DEPVAR.

I do not know how to enforce a call to FRIC prior to the routine where you want CPRESS be available.

I recommend you become a member of the ABAQUS mailing list


Dear Frank,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I will try your method. Btw, I have already sent a request to the mailing list that you recommend. Hope to have more communication with you on this problem in the future.

Best regards,


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