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Recent papers on rubber mechanics

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Here are some of my recent papers about mechanics of rubber material. They concern constitutive modelling, fatigue and fracture.

Marckmann G. et Verron E., Comparison of hyperelastic models for rubberlike materials, Rubber Chemistry and Technology, 79(5), 835-858, 2006.

Legrain G., Moës N. et Verron E., Stress analysis around crack tips in finite strain problems using the eXtended Finite Element Method, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 63(2), 290-314, 2005.

Le Cam J-B., Huneau B., Verron E. et Gornet L., Mechanism of fatigue crack growth in carbon black filled natural rubber, Macromolecules, 37(13), 5011-5017, 2004.

Chagnon G., Verron E., Gornet L., Marckmann G. et Charrier P., On the relevance of continuum damage mechanics for the Mullins effect in elastomers, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 52(7), 1627-1650, 2004.

Verron E. et Marckmann G., Inflation of elastomeric circular membranes using network constitutive equations, International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 38(8), 1221-1235, 2003.

Verron E. et Marckmann G., An axisymmetric B-spline model for the non-linear inflation of rubberlike membranes, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering,  190(46-47), 6271-6289, 2001.

Do not hesitate to comment or to contact me to discuss about them.


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Dear Erwan:  Thank you so much for listing your recent papers on ruber mechanics.  The titles look very interesting to me and my students.  We'll study them.  We are novices in this field, but are quite enthusiastic about the mechanics of soft materials.  Here is a collection of our recent papers on dielectric elastomers.  It would be great if we can start to discuss common interest in iMechanica.

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Dear Zhigang,

I already read your papers with interest. I think that they are very complementary to those of Ogden and coworkers on the subject of elastomers in electric or magnetic fields.

An interesting connection is the problem of membrane and stability. As in the classical problem of membrane inflation, it seems that bifurcation (wrinkling for example) takes place in dielectric elastomers. It would be interesting to examine these connections.

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Luis Dorfmann and I were first introduced on iMechanica.  We have subsequently met in person, along with his coauthor, Ray Ogden.   We have also exchanged ideas with several other mechanicians active in this area, including Chad Landis, Bob McMeeking, and Eric Mockensturm.  You might also be interested in their papers.  In particular, Eric has published several excellent papers on membrane actuators.


 I am a young scientist that has just started to study fatigue in rubber. I overcame a problem with some speriments I wanted to do. I have been reading diverse papers and they do refer to a dumbbell specimen or dog-bone specimen with which they perfom tests, but I am not able to find the measures of this specimen, nor the specifications to perform the test. Is it a standarized test sample? And which are the measurees or the norm from where it is taken?

Thank you,


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