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Suggestions for minor project

I have been thinking of doing a college minor project. but because of limited resources of materials and equipments I can take any project so please suggest me some work. The softwares I know are ABAQUS, SOLIDWORKS, MATLAB. plz suggest 



1. You have limited resources, and so can take any project? ... That doesn't quite parse, does it? Did you mean: any software project?

2. Check out the IIT Bombay Scilab Textbook Companion Project [^]. Scilab is 90-something+ % compatible with Matlab.

3. If you know C++ programming, and can work remotely, I can offload some work to you, but only after having a look at how you actually work, by trying out a small sample problem (of one/two days' programming duration) first. I would also need to know the number of total hours you could invest in the project.

Also, note, most of my current work is more on the computational science side than on the mechanical engineering side. If you are a UG student, guess you would want to focus more on applications of existing software packages like Abaqus. I don't currently work much on that side. 




sir, currently i am working on abaqus solving problems. i can devote upto 7-8 hrs a week for the work.

tell me your mail address.i will send you my cv

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Please email me your CV at : dibakar_datta [AT]

I can suggest you some potential problems. 



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