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R&D engineer opening at Synopsys

This position is for a senior R&D engineer who will work on the development of industry leading Finite Element/Finite Volume simulation tools. Primary responsibilities include developing solid elements and advanced material models.


  (1) Strong mechanics and FEM background

  (2) Solid programming skill in C++

  (3) Ability to work as a team player, as part of a local and globally R&D team

  (4) Good oral and written skills

You can apply online at Synopsys website or forward your resume to me.



And, of course, they require but won't sponsor for Green Card and/or US Citizenship and/or Security Clearance. Right? And, of course, if not that, they have already hired an Indian who is doing excellent job but finds me too "senior" to work "under" him---whether there in Mountain View, CA, or anywhere on the globe. Right? And, if not that, then at least his Indian HR colleagues find it impossible to believe that I could now at all be hired anywhere in the "IT industry," what with all the jumps and "gaps" in the career. Right?

Sometimes, it is a burden to be so always right.




Although some of your questions are rhetorical, I do feel like most job postings here leave out crucial information. I think that the location (or at least the country) should be included in the title or in the part of the summary visible from the front page. Also, citizenship or work visa requirements are very important because these are restrictions which affect many, if not the majority, of the people reading the posts. Readers shouldn't have to click through multiple links to find that only Dutch citizens may apply (an actual example). This is a great community for people looking for and looking to fill open positions, but it we could improve the efficiency.

Dear wzhou,

   Can you please provide the link for the job and/or your email. Thanks



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