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Difficulties with User Subroutines in ABAQUS



I'm a relatively new ABAQUS user, and have been experiencing some troubles with user subroutines (specifically UMAT's).


At the moment, I am trying to implement a tutorial UMAT available at this site:


I'm working with elastic.f and elas_axiforce.inp.  I've modified elas_axiforce.inp to have the lines for DEPVAR.

I'm using a linux operating system, with my .inp, .f, and .env files all in the same working directory.


At the moment, the error I am getting reads (from the .msg file):



After researching this issue a bit, I've found others with the same trouble, but no fixes seem to have worked for me.

I've tried a number of command line options (abaqus job=elas_axiforce user=elastic.f is the one that seems to be right).

I believe the issue is in the environment file, but not sure.  The lines that I believe that I do not have correct are:

compile_fortran = ("ifort -c -fPIC UMAT.f")

link_sl = ("ifort UMAT.f -fPIC -shared -Wl,-soname, -o")



Thanks for any help and advice!

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