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PhD positions in solid mechanics/biomechanics at Dartmouth College in 2015

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I'm looking for prospective PhD students to study solid mechanics/biomechanics in 2015 at Dartmouth College (Thayer School of Engineering). Visiting or postdoctoral positions are also available for highly qualified candidates from fall 2015. The subjects of research include, but are not limited to, mechanics of morphogenesis in plants/embryos, fast motion of plants (e.g., the Venus flytrap's rapid closure), mechanical self-assembly and instability of thin structures (e.g., DNA, plant tendrils, self-assembly of nanostructures, etc.), and bioinspired structures.

A PhD candidate should have a BS or MS degree in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Physics, Biomedical Engineering, or any related field, with outstanding academic records. Exceptional candidates (preferably with prior research experiences in solid mechanics/biomechanics) can be enrolled in early 2015. Full financial support will be provided with competitive stipends and benefits. We strive to provide a stimulating, interdisciplinary environment with exciting research topics and excellent colleagues where the candidates can be trained to become outstanding independent researchers, with sufficient freedom to explore their own ideas while working on well-designed projects.

Candidates interested in the positions are encouraged to contact Dr. Zi Chen  at, with the current CV and the contact information of at least two references. The positions remain open until filled. More information about our research can be found at

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