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PhD positions in bioinspired materials and systems at McGill University

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We have openings for new PhD students in the Biomimetic Materials Laboratory at McGill University, starting January 2015.

The successful candidates will explore bio-inspired microarchitectures to increase and amplify the mechanical performance of engineering materials (glasses, ceramics, polymers).  The project involves micromechanics, fracture mechanics, finite elements, design optimization and small-scale and in-situ mechanical testing. Fabrication involves rapid prototyping, three-dimensional laser engraving and other innovative fabrication methods. Materials and systems of interest include nacre-like ceramic / polymeric composites, multilayered conch-shell like composites, fish-scale inspired flexible protective systems and bio-inspired synthetic bone graft materials. Collaborations with biologists, chemists and medical doctors.

Required background: Mechanics of materials, fracture mechanics, experimental mechanics and finite elements.

Preferred but not required: background in composites materials





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Quel grand laboratoire !  Je souhaite obtenir la possibilité de travailler ici dans un proche avenir !

Dear Sir,

Is this position application dead line ended?

if not, what is the last date for applying? whether GRE is mandatory for this position?

With Best Regards,


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