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Multiphysics Simulation Engineer

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Veryst Engineering has an opening for a Multiphysics Simulation Engineer to work on problems involving fluid flow, structural mechanics, heat transfer and/or acoustics. Responsibilities include engineering analysis and design. Ph.D. or Masters Degree in mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, aeronautical engineering, or physics with some industrial experience preferred. Strong academic record and references necessary. Experience with COMSOL Multiphysics, ANSYS, and/or Abaqus is desirable.

Will collaborate with other engineers on a range of engineering projects that require a strong understanding of engineering fundamentals. Should have demonstrated ability to communicate technical content well, analyze multi-faceted problems, and be able to work well both self-directed and within a team. Consultant will be responsible for contributing to business development and marketing of technical services.

Responsibilities will include:
 - Multiphysics modeling and analysis 
 - Project management and report writing
 - Document review and summarizing
 - Business development and marketing of technical services

Click here for instructions on how to apply:


Contact me if you have any work that can be collaborated.


Ariatedja, Julendra B

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 Hello Sir,

            Please have a look at my profile and let me know about my candidature for the Multiphysics Simulation Engineer.

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Hi Faizan, thank you for your interest in this position. I looked at your LinkedIn profile and it's relevant but we do not offer Visa Sponsorship for this position.

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I am working on nonlinear and time dependet Electro Mechnical coupling of ceramics using FEM in Texas A&M university. The description of this positions is very appealing to me.  
You can check my linkedin profile to get more information about my background.



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