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The 2nd Sandia Fracture Challenge is here!

update, 6/15/2014: Please find revised info packet attached ("SFC2-challenge-v5.ppt")
1. The deadline is extended to October 1st . Hopefully this additional month enables better contributions. This extended deadline is firm.
2. Several groups have asked if they can use existing published information in addition to the material property data provided: yes, this is allowed.
3. Please use the updated information packet attached (“…v5.ppt”) All updates are in red:
a. Slide 2 deadline & ethics statement
b. Slide 3 plate thickness tolerance and Questions 3&4
c. Slide 5, 6, 12, & 19: plate thickness tolerance
d. Slide 8: pin diameter
e. Slide 12: corrected hourglass radius
f. Slide 14: important: all embedded tensile data files: column with force in Newtons

The next Sandia Fracture Challenge is here!

Please find attached an information packet ("SFC2-challenge-v5.ppt"), for you to consider participating in this Challenge. If you have any questions,please e-mail Brad Boyce at and copy my colleague, Dr. Sharlotte Kramer, Also, please pass this invitation along to any other computational mechanicians who may be interested in participating.

Background: In 2012, we issued the 1st Sandia Fracture Challenge to the computational solid mechanics community.  51 participants self-assembled into 14 teams representing 23 different institutions to predict the mechanical deformation and ductile tearing of a novel geometry under quasi-static loading.  Their blind predictions were compared against experiments only after they had reported their predictions, precluding the
possibility to ‘tune' the predictions.  The predictions and their comparison to experimental outcomes culminated in an invited ASME symposium, a Sandia-funded workshop, and ultimately a
Special Issue of the International Journal of Fracture (vol. 186, published online January 2014).  The Special Issue included a lead article (hyperlinks below) summarizing the outcome of the challenge with co-authorship from all the participants, and in addition several teams chose to publish their own detailed peer-reviewed full-length article.

Hyperlink to
the Lead Article:

Hyperlink to
the entire Special Issue:


All the

Brad Boyce

Brad L. Boyce, Ph.D.
Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff
Sandia National Laboratories
PO Box 5800, MS0889
Albuquerque, NM 87185-0889
ph: (505)845-7525


Dear Sir,

   We are a team from National University of Singapore. We are very interested to participate in the competetion. However, I am unable to find the attached ppt slides with with post. Please help us to get access to them.



Aziz Ahmed

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

National University of Singapore

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