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"keyword *CO-SIMULATIONREGION is misplaced" Error

i everyone,

I am UG student of Mechanical Engineering. I am a new user of Abaqus and currently working on co-simulation for my final year  project. Actually what I am doing is prediction of heat transfer due to fluid flow in a tube of known diameter across which air is flowing, also called as conjugate heat transfer.

I created model in Abaqus/standard named Tube, created part as Tube

Assigned material properties

Created step "Dynamic, temp-disp, Explicit"

Defined inner surface of tube for interaction named FSI

Completed all requirements up to Boundary conditions. I gave disp/rotation Boundry condition(U1=U2=U3=0) at one end of tube.


 Similarly created model in Abaqus/CFD named Fluid, created part as water

Created step "Flow" with energy equation on

Defined boundary conditions,

BC-1: I gave fluid velocity at inlet conditions v3=-0.58 m/s(along the length of tube) and Temp= 423K

BC-2: outlet conditions P= 0

I defined coupling schemes, controls, time increments for CFD Model.

** Interaction: FISI

*Co-simulation, name=FSI, controls=FSI_Ctrls, program=MULTIPHYSICS

*Co-simulation Region, import, type=SURFACEFSI, TEMP

*Co-simulation Region, export, type=SURFACEFSI, HFL

*Co-simulation Controls, name=FSI_Ctrls, coupling scheme=gauss-seidel, time incrementation=subcycle, time marks=yes, step size=export, scheme modifier=lag

but when I run analysis it gives error

in keyword *CO-SIMULATIONREGION, file "Co-execution-Z-Fluid.inp", line 2914: The keyword is misplaced. It can be suboption for the following keyword(s)/level(s): co-simulation

in keyword *CO-SIMULATIONREGION, file "Co-execution-Z-Fluid.inp", line 2918: The keyword is misplaced. It can be suboption for the following keyword(s)/level(s): co-simulation


I have attached the jpeg of input files how they look before and after running the analysis as it changes the commands sequence..

Kindly guide me how can I get rid of this error as I think it is last hindrance towards completion of my project.



frankly,I cannot give you a specific suggestion on how to reedit your input file.i cannot see the pictures you metioned.

the data file told you erros occur at line 2914/2918,there may be some misktakes.

*Co-simulation Region, import, type=SURFACEFSI, TEMP

here,[type=surface] is Optional parameter,and [FSI(SURFACE NAME)] Its [DATALINE]

when editing inp, the data line should not appear on the same line with the parameter.

that's what i look at this problem.

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