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Please support "Theoretical and Applied Mechanics" at Stack Exchange

Hello everyone,

I've proposed a new Stack Exchange site called "Theoretical and Applied Mechanics" for people intersted in mechaics related issues.  The current link is

For the proposal to be accepted to go to the next stage the site will need the  following:

- 60 people to follow the site

- 40 questions that are relevant to applied mechanics with a score of 10 or more.

You can help create this new community;  a " Proposed Q&A site for people with an interest in the theory and
application of mechanics for solving problems in mechanical, civil,
bioengineering, geophysics, petroleum, mining, and related fields, and
to help users of mechanics software like Abaqus, Ansys, and Comsol"

-- Biswajit


Bhisham Sharma's picture

Hi Biswajit,

Signed up for the proposal and hopefully others will too!

However, I am not clear on the need/scope of this site. Don't such discussion fall under the purview of Imechanica too? I am not sure I see the difference in the two, except perhaps the new site can be made more specific?




Dear Bhisham,

As iMechanica has evolved, its primary purpose has become to act as a bulletin board for mechanics-related news.  A few research papers are posted once in a while but the large majority of research realted posts are just links to pay-per-view sites.  There is rarely any discussion of the papers.

The "Ask iMechanica" Q&A area is filled with unanswered questions, mostly related to Abaqus.  One of the reasons is that potential answer givers don't have an incentive system to provide answers.  StackExchange has a way of providing incentives by keeping track of reputation scores.  Good answers and bad answers are treated identically by iMechanica.  iMechanica does not allow LaTeX equations and figures are difficult to add.  Both these issues have been solved remarkably well by Stack Exchange.

I think Stack Exchange is significantly superior to iMechanica as a Q&A area.  In the proposed area students will be able to ask basic questions starting from statics and dynamics, strength of materials, elasticity, finite elements in mechanics, plasticity, through to the cutting edge of mechanics without feling intimidated.  And people will have an incentive to answer.

Also, you can log into Stack Exchange with a google account or open an account specific to Stack Exchange that can be used across the system.  

I've opened a discussion topic where you can contribute at  I'm keen to hear other views.

-- Biswajit


nicoguaro's picture

Hello Biswajit,

I think that this is a good idea since I found Stack Exchange easier for keeping records of Questions and Answers.



Dear Nicolas,

I agree with you assessment.  During the course of my work I've benefited immensely from information provided in various Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow formums.

For the proposed forum to be successful, the people who ask questions on iMechanica have to buy into the concept.  The proposal is open for 30 days.  If it cannot get the support of 60 people and at least 10 upvotes on the sample questions, then the area will automatically close down.  It will be interesting to see if the people who post and answer questions on iMechanica will try out the Stack Exchange ecosystem.

Of course, actual mechanics related questions can be asked and answers can be given on the site only after it has been accepted and reached a beta stage.  So please encourage people you know to post questions and upvote existing ones.

-- Biswajit


The proposal appears to be moving along slowly.

At this stage what it needs is 

1) More followers - the current number is 30.

2) A lot more questions - the current number is 8.  We need the students who are reading this to propose questions?

3) More discussions to make the site a bit more lively.

Any suggestions on how we can get undergraduates to support the proposal will be great.

Let's hope the proposal succeeds and we get a site that students of mechanics (young and old) can use.

Here's another discussion that need more inputs:

-- Biswajit

The count of supporters has finally crossed 60.  34 questions with more than 10 supporters are still needed before the proposal goes to the next stage.  See

-- Biswajit

What happened to the proposal? Did it ever got approved?

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