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Residual stresses in elastic medium upon uniform cooling

Hi All,

I am a student working on a project involving the effect of residual stresses in elastic and viscoealstic materials. I have a related question: When an easltic body is heated to a certain temperature (say 400 deg C) and then cooled uniformly to room temperature (20 deg C) with a constant cooling rate "q", does this generate any "un-desirable" (residual) stresses within the elastic body? i.e at a steady state - room temperature, does the final stress state within the body would be non-zero? Else, it would eventually reach a state of zero stresses? How?  

 I need some explanantion on above questions. ALso, what are the material parameters affect this phenomenon? For Example, if I have steel vs. glass in above experiment, ( High vs. Low Conductivity) how does this affect the residual stresses?

 For a complicated case, the case of Glass heated above Transition temperature (Tg), the stresses would be frozen  as glass cools through Tg and the above specimen would eventually have residual stresses. But in case of glass heated well below Tg and later cooled to room temperature, would it be stress-free?? 

Can you please help me with this?  

Thanks a lot!


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